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Showbox for iPhone/ iPad: With a large number of entertainment apps emerging, Showbox is rated as the best online streaming app amongst a plethora of such tools. Although is a native Android app, you can still use the Showbox for iPhone/iPad and all its features with ease. If you are looking for the perfect tool to get unlimited entertainment on your hand-held devices like iPhone, then Showbox is the best app to pick from the huge list. It is so as it has made streaming online videos so much easier than ever with numerous advanced features. You no more have to limit yourself to just watch your tv channels. Rather with the Showbox for iPad app download, you will get access to any web video streams with an internet connection at zero cost.

You will get unlimited entertainment on your iPad or iPhone as the Showbox for iOS app will let you stream movies, trailer, tv shows, news, songs, videos, and more. All the video streams available in it are of high-quality and it will never limit you with the video resolution as it supports multiple screen resolution from higher to lower resolutions. It is a quite useful feature that will work well when your device is running out of memory or the internet speed is drastically slow. With low buffering time, you need not wait for a long time to load the videos while accessing the Showbox iPhone Download. With an all-in-one click, it will bring your favourite streams to watch it online at a rapid rate.

Showbox for iPhone
Showbox for iPhone

Showbox iPhone app is for those who you find no time to rely on their tv for entertainment needs. With a wide range of categories and genres, Showbox has something to offer anyone who likes to stream online contents using it. It has the support for downloading Showbox movies, tv shows, and more and thus you can watch them at any time without needing to look for the internet. Besides streaming online, you can now watch any Showbox app contents without the data or Wifi. With every other section of a video, Showbox for iPad app will also list important details like the cast and crew, genre, duration, trailer, year of release, etc. From this same section, you can choose to download or stream the video with the respective button.

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Features of Showbox for iPhone/iPad

Below are the features of Showbox app for iPhone or iPad. You may take a look at them before downloading it.

1. Showbox iPhone app is the best free video streaming app with which you can easily stream any online videos for an unlimited time with an internet connection.

2. All the Showbox videos are of high-quality and you can even choose your preferred video quality or resolution from full HD, SD, 1080p and more for endless entertainment.

3. Showbox iPad app covers almost all of the genres and thus it offers more of anything including the movies, trailers, shows, series, documentaries, news, sports, etc.

4. With the constantly updated database of Showbox iPad, you will never miss anything. Stay connected with your favourite online video streams and get more of entertainment.

5. You can use the filter option to find any videos based on the genres, year of release, IDMB rating in Showbox iPad Download. It is a useful tool that will bring you the result with ease.

Showbox for iPhone
Showbox for iPhone 7

6. With Showbox iPhone download, you can search or stream for videos based on different genres like action, adventure, thriller, romance, comedy, and more.

7. Get connected either with new or old videos as Showbox for iPhone 6 will keep on updating its database with more number of video streams. You can stream anything without any limitations.

8. It is a two-in-one app as you can not only stream videos with internet rather Showbox for iPad app will let you download any videos to watch it without internet in the offline mode.

9. Use the search bar of this app to instantly discover or find the contents that you are looking for. It will effectively reduce the time you search for your favourite streams with the instant search result.

Specifications of Showbox for iPhone/iPad

ShowBox Specifications for iPhone/iPad is given below

Release Date: June 19, 2017
Category: Video Streaming
Supported Operating Systems: iPhone/iPad
Languages: Multiple Languages

How to Download Showbox for iPhone/iPad?

Although Showbox is an Android app, it can still be used in the iPhone and iPad. As with the unavailability of the official version of Showbox in App Store, you have to choose from two methods in which you can download Showbox for iOS devices. However, both the methods will give full access to the Showbox app on iPhone or iPad and thus you may opt for either of them.

  • Method 1: Steps to Download & Install Showbox for iPhone/iPad using vShare.
  • Method 2: Steps to Download and Install Showbox for iPhone/iPad using iPA.

Method 1: Steps to Download & Install Showbox for iPhone/iPad using vShare

Downloading Showbox for iPhone or iPad using the vShare is an efficient method to access it. It is otherwise called as a no jailbreak method of getting Showbox app. Follow the simple steps given below to download Showbox for iPad or iPhone.

Step 1: The primary requirement to use Showbox app on iPhone is the vShare app. You have to download it from its official website by using your browser. Wait for some time to let vShare app to complete its download procedure.

Step 2: With the download, the vShare app will start its installation process and once with it, you can open it.

Step 3: Use the search bar of the vShare app on your iPhone or iPad to type in as Showbox and search for it.

Step 4: Click on the logo of Showbox app from the search result to download it.

Showbox for iPad
Showbox for iPad

Step 5: Wait for few minutes to let Showbox app to completed its downloading and installation process. Tap on the Continue button from the prompt message to get Showbox iPhpne app.

Step 6: Now you can go to the apps section of your iPad or iPhone to open and access the Showbox app.

Method 2: Steps to Download and Install Showbox for iPhone/iPad using iPA

Downloading Showbox for iPad or iPhone using iPA is also a simple method and you can opt to it whenever the above method fails. You don’t have to use any third-party apps to get Showbox app by using this method. Follow the steps given below to download Showbox iPad app using iPA.

Step 1: On your iPad or iPhone, you have to open your browser to search and download the Showbox iPA file.

Step 2: Once the Showbox iPA file gets downloaded on your device, you can click on it to open it.

Step 3: In the next screen, you have to click on the Install button to begin the installation procedure of the Showbox iPA file on the iPhone/iPad.

Step 4: Once after the installation, you can simply open the Showbox app by clicking on its logo.

Step 5: The next screen will show you the main screen of the Showbox app on your iPad/iPhone and you can use it.

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How to Use Showbox on iPhone / iPad?

Using the Showbox for iPhone or iPad isn’t a complicated thing. It features a user-friendly interface and thus you can use it to stream and get unlimited entertainment. If you are new to Showbox for iPad, then just follow the guidelines given below to use it.

Step 1: You have to first open the Showbox app that you have prior downloaded. Provide the necessary details if it prompts you to log in.

Step 2: You will be taken to the main screen of the Showbox app where it would have listed multiple video streams. Click on any of them if you are interested in streaming.

Step 3: Use the menu option of Showbox iPad app to find or discover video streams based on categories, genres, or year of release.

Step 4: You can alternative use the search bar directly to find the videos instantly with one tap.

Step 5: Just tap on any video and from the next screen you can choose to download or stream by selecting a video resolution.

Step 6: With this, the built-in media player will start streaming the video or you can open the videos you have downloaded to watch it in the offline mode.

Hope the article about Showbox for iPhone/ iPad provided relevant information. For more related articles, stay connected with the website.

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