Install Showbox on Roku TV – Enjoy Free Showbox Movies and TV Shows

Install Showbox on Roku: Showbox is one of the highly efficient video streaming application, which provides you with an enormous amount of options to download and stream the video files. You can watch all the latest trendy updates of Movies and TV shows through the Showbox. The Showbox is easy to use and contains a lot of options for video streaming and downloading. Showbox lets you choose the video files of different resolution. The streaming and downloading speed of the Showbox app is very high. You can mark up all your favorite movies and TV shows through the Showbox. Showbox interface is well organized with the categories So that you can search for the movies easily and quickly. The interface of the Showbox also recommends you with the videos and films based on your interest. Accessing the videos through the smartphone is very simple, but it will be cumbersome to watch the whole film on the small screen So that you can now access the Showbox on Roku and enjoy watching the video content on the bigger screen. We have also explained how to install Showbox on Kodi in our another article.

How to Install Showbox on Roku

Using the Showbox for Roku is a much simpler one. You can easily stream the videos to the Roku TV using your smartphone. Just follow the steps given below to use the Showbox using the Roku.

Step 1: Just connect the Roku on your Smart TV and then power it ON.

Step 2: After the Roku becomes operational, just go to the Roku Settings and then select the System.

Step 3: Now you can see a list of options, Just click on the Screen Mirroring option.

Step 4: Then on the right side, you can see two options, one is to enable the Screen Mirroring, and the other is to Disable that.

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How to Install Showbox on Roku

How to Install Showbox on Roku

Step 5: Now Just select the “Enable Screen Mirroring” option. Now you are done with the settings from the Roku side.

Step 6: Then the Roku will accept any feed form either Android Smartphone or even from the Windows PC.

Step 7: Now you can go to the settings on your smartphone then go to the Network to enable the screen mirroring.

Step 8: After enabling the Screen Mirroring option, you can see the list of available devices in the Smartphone, Just select your Smart TV and then start mirroring the Showbox to your Smart TV in no time.

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